emmi®-pet Ultrasonic attachments 14 Small Toothbrush head -

emmi®-pet Ultrasonic attachments 14 Small Toothbrush head

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Due to the amount of stock at Crufts this year Emmi Pet is currently out of stock of the 14 packs until next week. I have reduced the price to £65.00 as a pre order offer. Once they are back in stock they will be sent straight out

Good dental hygiene is also important for dogs. Because even dogs have dental problems such as plaque, tartar or gingivitis. To keep the teeth of your four-legged friend healthy, you need to help him with the dental care.

The ultrasonic attachment of
emmi®-pet was specially developed for the thorough and gentle dental care of dogs. It cleans with ultrasound where normal bristles are difficult to reach.

Please use the
emmi®-pet ultrasonic attachment (small size) A1 (S2) to clean incisors and small molars.

Healthy teeth provide a strong dentition and prevent further diseases.

It is very important to replace the ultrasonic attachments of
emmi®-pet after 3 months of use. After this time, the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves will diminish and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene can no longer be guaranteed.