About us



Hi, I’m Kara, the face behind House 4 Hounds.

House 4 Hounds is a company dedicated to providing products and services that promote healthy and happy dogs. We believe that to achieve this we need to consider their health, diet and their desire to play.

We do not believe that dogs should settle for less than we would provide for ourselves. So treats and chews are obtained from verifiable sources, with production methods that preserve natural content and flavour and are devoid of harmful chemicals such as bleaches.

All our treats and chews are 100% natural and long lasting.

We also know that healthy teeth are essential to good overall health. This is true for us, but also for our canine friends. That is why we actively promote a silent and vibrationless toothbrush for your dog. This is not only very effective but is also much more pleasant than traditional methods of cleaning teeth. Why shouldn’t your dog have its own electric toothbrush!

We not only concern ourselves with the general health of dogs, but we also care about the dog’s sensitive paws, nose and skin. We make our own range of natural balms for this purpose.

House 4 Hounds does not forget that play is an important part of a dog’s upbringing so that we offer a range of toys for them to enjoy.

House 4 Hounds is a company founded on our experience of providing grooming and ultrasound teeth cleaning services to dogs and from market testing products such as those in the shop on real dogs. This has then been backed up by research and careful ingredient sourcing.

Buying from House 4 Hounds you can rest assured that you are buying from a company that will always have your dog’s best interests at heart. It will continue to use the ethical approach that has so far led to the success of House 4 Hounds as it continues to grow its products.

If you have any questions about your dogs specific needs or condition before purchasing please email me info@house4hounds.com before ordering and I will help guide you.  

Love Kara x