Dogs Delicacy See No Evil Box

Dogs Delicacy See No Evil Box

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We understand that not everyone likes to see body parts when feeding there dogs but they understand that natural chews offers so many benefits to their dogs, from dental hygiene, boredom busters, relieve anxiety and strengthens the jaw. Thats why we have put together our See No Evil Box lets your dog enjoy all our tasty nutrious chews


Inside the box you will find 

Bulls pizzle

Buffalo tripe

Buffalo braided pizzle


Buffalo Super Chew

Beef Liver

Beef Gullet

Paddy wack

Camel Mega Chew

Ostrich Chips

Beef Lips

Goat Tripe

Pigs ear strips

Beef Tendon


Please ensure all dogs are supervised whilst enjoying our tasty chews and there is plenty of water available