Dogs Delicacy Lockdown Box

Dogs Delicacy Lockdown Box

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All our ingredients are 100% natural, easily digestible, highly nutritious and very tasty.


Our Dogs Delicacy Lockdown Box is created to offer everything your dogs needs for the month which will save you time if you are concentrating on homeschooling or working from home. It will reduce unnecessary trips out and extra deliveries to the house.

The box includes over 30 items, such as natural chews, long lasting chews, pates, training treats.


2 x Pates (Either Rabbit, Salmon, Duck, Turkey or Rabbit)

Natural Training Treats in a handy recall tin (Goat, Rabbit, Venison or Ostrich)

2 x Porky Snouts

2 x Puffed Snout

3 x Natural Chicken Feet

3 x Puffed Chicken Feet

2 x Pigs Ears

2 x Paddywacks

2 x Furry Rabbit Ears

2 x Dried Liver

2 x Beef Liver

2 x Beef Tails

2 x Hairy Goat Ears

2 x Lambs Ears

2 x Pork Bites

2 x Beef Gullet

2 x Trachea

1 x Hoof


Please make sure your dog has access to plenty of water and is not left unattended whilst enjoy the chews.