Dogs Delicacy Breeders chew pack x 5

Dogs Delicacy Breeders chew pack x 5

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Breeders chew pack - Ideal for puppies from the age of 8 weeks plus

After lots of requests from breeders we have put together a special pack for breeders to give away wit the pups. these are ideal fro 8 weeks plus as none of the items included include any bone. It helps elevate teething through the natural chew process and also introduces them to natural chews and flavours from a young age. 

They are 100% air dried treats which will add vitamins and nutrition to your pups diet which they may not be getting from their regular food. As puppy grow they naturally go threw a chewing stage especially whilst they are teething. These chews help to draw their attention away from the furniture.

There are no hidden nasties and

NO preservatives

NO additives

NO flavouring

NO raw hide


Please do not leave your pup unattended with a natural chew or treat