LickiMat Tuff
LickiMat Tuff
LickiMat Tuff
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LickiMat Tuff

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LickiMat Tuff™

LickiMat Tuff mats are suitable for raw, wet, dry and liquid dog food, as well as any manner of dog treats and spreads.

If your dog is a naughty chewer, or a teething puppy, then you should definitely select from the LickiMat Tuff range or Slomo models.  They are virtually indestructible.  Please make sure you supervise your dog when first introducing them to LickiMat.

If you prefer using a dishwasher to hand-washing then LickiMat Tuff range is just what you need.  The Tuff currently comes in three surfaces: Buddy, Soother and Playdate - same as the Classics.


Benefits of Lickimats


Enriching treat experience
Enriching feeding experience

Soothing and Anxiety-reducing

Boredom busting and Anxiety-reducing
Calming experience
Helpful for thunderstorms and fireworks
Keeping pets busy for extended periods of time


Making a small volume of healthy treats last a long time
Less calories, more fun
Creating more saliva – better protecting teeth and gums, freshening breath

Distraction aid for grooming and vet inspections

Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone at bath time
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone for grooming and nail clipping
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone during pet inspections and injections


Working as a treat dispenser
Working as a feeder
Working as a meal preparation surface
Working as a training aid
Working as a medication or supplement delivery platform
Available in different models to suit different treats and foods
Different models to suit liquid foods and combinations without a mess


Made from human grade TPR rubber
Non-toxic, Microwave proof, Freezer-friendly


Playdate™ has discrete pockets that will contain food.  Liquids are easier to manage and keep separate from other food or treats.

Buddy™ has a more complex surface and still allows separation of foods and treats.
Soother™ is exactly what the name says.  It allows soft and liquid foods to be licked out with extra tongue simulation.