Enrichment Box for boys

Enrichment Box for boys

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Our Enrichment Box for boys is ideal for Puppies or the smaller dogs.


In side you will find:

LICKIMATS  are a unique and versatile product range designed by vets.  They are manufactured and used by pet lovers and pet owners.  They are designed to improve your pet’s mental health.  They are designed to improve your pet's oral health.  They are designed for and suitable for both dogs and cats. 

The LickiMat Tuff range is based on a challenge/reward based treat delivery system that engages pets over a long period of time while only delivering small portions of their favourite treat. LickiMats are designed to deliver a medical free way to promote calm behavior in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms. The Tuff range is durable to really chewy puppies.

The LickiMat range can also be used as a feeder for most dogs and all cats.


SNUFFLE MATS Animals love to search for food and treats and our Ruffle Snuffle™ rug has lots of soft fleecy folds which are perfect for noses of all shapes and sizes. The hunt for food provides excellent physical and mental stimulation as well as giving you a chance to play ‘hide and seek’ with your cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit or even horse.

SNUFFLE MAT  is perfect for slowing down fast eaters and your pet will love searching for their dinner!

Ruffle Snuffle™ is ideal for pets who are recuperating after illness or injury by providing enrichment if they are confined in a space.

Long lasting, high quality and portable the Snuffle Mat can be washed at up to 30 degrees to keep it fresh and slobber free.


PURE PATE- Slice it-Dice it-Cube it-Stuff it-Spread it-Sprinkle it....generally Love it.
A complete or complementary food for dogs our Paté is deliciously tasty and natural, it is not only healthy but totally irresistible too. Made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat…that’s it! These irresistible Paté's are also grain and gluten free. Our paté is extremely versatile, use as a treat, training treat or a complete food.



JR’s Pure Range Training Treats for dogs now includes a variety pack full of easy to digest dog treats. High in protein and totally irresistible, our training treats are very popular thanks to the fact they’re all 100% pure meat. JR’s Pure Training Treats come in handy bite size pieces and are perfect for any size dog.


Please ensure your dog has plenty of water available whilst enjoying our tasty treats and is monitored.