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We're All Ears Natural Chew Box

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Venison ear- Crispy, delicious and perfect for even the most sensitive of tummy’s. These are packed full of Chondroitin to keep joint pain at bay.
Hairy and Hairless Cows ear- Wonderfully nutritious and packed full of flavour. Low in odour and non greasy. Hairy Cows ears act as a natural dewormer and a healthy alternative to pigs ears.
Hairy and Hairless Rabbit ears- Rabbit ears come with and without hair on them which makes them irresistible. These are a highly sought after treat and ideal for training or healthy snack. The hairy ears act as a natural dewormer
Pigs Ears- Premium quality ears which are easy to digest. The high quality cartilage will also help to strengthen the jaws as well as help clean their teeth
Buffalo ear- Delicious high protein natural complementary treats that your dog will love. They are lean and health as well as being great for your dog's dental hygiene. also a great source of heart protective omega-3.
Hairy and Hairless Goats ears- These are lower in fat and softer than pigs or cows ears whilst satisfying the chewing instinct, which releases endorphins in dogs. Goat ears are naturally rich in chondroitin, so these are a great choice for dogs with joint pain or stiffness.
Lambs ears- These are highly digestible, high in protein & low-fat natural chew for dogs. They are the go-to chew for many dogs who are on the search for hypo-allergenic chews for dogs who can't tolerate other proteins such as beef or chicken.
Contents of this box may vary.