Dogs Delicacy Surf and Turf Box

Dogs Delicacy Surf and Turf Box

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The surf and turf box is ideal for dogs who love variety. Not only do you have a huge variety of fish but you also get a variety of meats too.

In this box your dog will enjoy some:

Fish Cakes with Salmon and Turmeric

Plaice Fillets


Fish Cubes

Cod Skin Bites

Cod Fish Sticks

Herring Fish Sticks

Plaice Fish Sticks

Filled Hoof

Pigs Ear

Beef Tendon

Buffalo Tripe

Camel Mega Chew

Pork Snout

Dried Liver


Dogs treats and chews are 100% natural air dried products. These are so popular as they are so healthy for your dog. They provide extra vitamin and nutrients that regular dog food may not provide and many are good for dental health too.

NO preservatives

NO additives

NO colouring 

NO flovouring

NO rawhide 


Air dried products are NOT cooked and do not splinter.

Please store in a dry non-humid environment. No refrigeration required. keep away from direct sunlight.

Natural dog treats and dog chews are supplements to your pet's regular diet. These can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums, health skin and shiny coat.


In order to offer you the best products we have to source our items from various suppliers therefore occasionally if there is a supplier availability issue we may have to from time to time swap we may have to use substituted items. They will still be up to our normal high standard and your dogs will still love them.